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Hope FOCA fails

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Editor,

In the midst of all the excitement over the inauguration, it is easy to lose sight of another historic anniversary this week: the 36th year since the passing of Roe v. Wade, which struck a death toll for over 40 million babies in America.

While there is a great deal of "wish him well" and "wish him success" being said, about Barak Obama, I am one American that prays at least some of his promises never see the light of day. I wonder how many of his supporters are aware of his public promise to fasttrack a radical legislation known as the "Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)." FOCA, in creating a "civil right" designation for abortion, would require every medical facility in the U.S. which receives government funds (which is every medical facility), to provide abortion on demand, in compliance with federal law, throughout nine months of pregnancy.

Do Americans realize the hefty toll this will take on our health care industry, not to mention the dramatic increase in abortions it promises? Committed Christians who are planning on careers in medicine, nursing, and all the support jobs involved in medicine, will turn to other professions. Catholic hospitals will be forced to shut their doors. Doctors and nurses who have moral objections to abortion will be forced to leave the profession. Abortion providers will have unprecedented access to our tax dollars.

If both FOCA is passed and American health care is nationalized, how far are we from government mandates on aborting unborn children with diagnosed disabilities? Sound like a "compassionate society" or a design to hone down the "perfect race?"

This sad anniversary of Roe v. Wade should not go unnoticed. It should move us to serious reflection on the unnecessary violence and loss of life we have allowed for 36 years, and spur us to work for a more just society to give all our children.


Sondra Jonson


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  • Nice post! I see we have decided not to torture any prisoner of war. I agree with this but what is abortion. I guess it ok to just kill the person instead of torture. We value the lives of those wishing to kill us and do not give a second thought to those that can not protect themselves.

    -- Posted by lawbreaker on Thu, Jan 22, 2009, at 2:53 PM
  • I support the Freedom of Choice Act for the following reasons:

    1: I believe most Americans recognize that there is a moral and ethical distinction to be made between the termination of a pregnancy and the wanton killing of a living, breathing human being.

    2: I believe most Americans know that while a woman's fertilized egg or blastocyst is genetically "human," the resemblance to a person ends there.

    3: The vast majority of abortions take place within the first trimester of pregnancy, and most American still prefer that women still have that option.

    4: The most emotional arguments against abortion hinge on religious beliefs: That a human pregnancy is somehow "sacred" or that a fertilized egg is imbued with some kind of "soul" or other supernatural characteristic. Since such religious beliefs vary widely from person to person, all I can suggest is that pro-lifers are welcome to conduct their own reproductive lives as their conscience and religious beliefs dictate. They have absolutely NO right to demand that others do the same.

    5: I consider a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy absolutely FUNDAMENTAL to her right to self-determination. PERIOD.

    6: In my lifetime alone, the human population of this planet has DOUBLED from over three billion to over six billion, and it could conceivable TRIPLE to nine billion by the time I'm 70. These are all people that will have to be clothed, fed, educated, housed, employed, transported, and have their medical and sanitary needs met. Inevitably more forests will be cleared to make room for it all, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions will continue to skyrocket, climate change will continue to spiral catastrophically out of control ... and TRUST ME, Jesus ain't gonna come descending out of the clouds to make it all better!

    -- Posted by PolishBear on Fri, Jan 23, 2009, at 11:21 AM
  • Well said lawbreaker!

    -- Posted by Lev1 on Fri, Jan 23, 2009, at 4:18 PM
  • Extremely well said PolishBear. You hit the nail right on the head!!!

    -- Posted by Rural Citizen on Mon, Jan 26, 2009, at 10:36 AM
  • PolishBear just wrote the biggest piece of insanity I could have imagined! This is not just a religious thing people! Have you EVER seen pictures of aborted babies laying on tables.

    Let me tell YOU something MR Expert PolishBear, they look just like babies, they are babies. They look just like my two babies when they were born, except they were DEAD!

    They were ripped apart at the joints or burned to a crispy black by saline solution. This makes my skin crawl that you think this is just some kind willy-nilly right or decision that women have.

    Should anyone have that right? Why can't women just have the right to kill their kids whenever they want? Kill them when they're 5 years old because they need a new car and can't afford it cuz the kids costs too much. That is all you are saying! It's okay to kill if it for our own conveinience.

    If you want population control, why don't we just put criminals to death after their 3rd offense no matter what the offense is?

    Your buddy, Nancy Pelosi thinks that federaly funded abortions will save us money because she must believe that all aborted babies will grow up to be welfare babies. That in itself is ironic, because welfare babies are future voters for the like of Nancy Pelosi and her San Fran libs. Why would she want to have them murdered? I have to laugh at that.

    No, I think a better way to control the population sicne you think it needs done is to kill criminals right away. Think of the maney it save us tax payers...no leagal fees, no more prisons to build and maintain, no prisoners to feed and clothe. That will solve all of your proposed problems PolishBear! Leave the innocent babies alone.

    I think lawbreaker is right, Obama wants to hug a terrorist, but kill a baby. We have to be the most ironically depraived society on the planet!

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Mon, Jan 26, 2009, at 1:30 PM
  • *

    In the interests of tapering the worlds population down to a manageable number...It has just been learned that Mr. PolishBear and his kin will take a long bus ride off of a short pier.

    It's interesting that it's mostly MEN who chant the diatribe of abortion being critical in supporting women's reproductive rights. Maybe it's so these selfish men have a way to get off the hook when/if they impregnate some unfortunate female?

    It's also interesting to note that if it were their OWN progeny we were discussing with one of these champions of the gene pool; it most certainly WOULD be a baby....as opposed to a zygote or a watermelon. I can just hear the phone call to mom right now..."Hey mom, Linda and I are expecting a semi/quasi-mature blastocyst!! Isn't that great? Buy some bubble gum cigars, would'ya??"


    -- Posted by Mickel on Mon, Jan 26, 2009, at 4:30 PM
  • Maybe PolishBear should be a science teacher. I have been thinking about what he/she said all day long and it just bothers me so much what this person thinks about humanity, life, and morality. Let me outline some general questions I have for Polishbear and his/her friends to ponder.

    1. Many Americans do recognize there is a difference between an unborn baby and "living, breathing baby" as put it. Do you have any idea what THAT difference is? One is in thew womb and one isn't. That is your basic difference.

    Who are we to define "when" we become human? I know that I have been a human ever since I was conceived. I know **** well I wasn't a horse while in the womb. If there is anyone out there that suspects they were a snake, a turtle, or even a Bald Eagle while in the womb then you should see your doctor right away. There's a good chance you may be impersonating a "real" human.

    If we are to just shoot from the hip and decide "when" we actually earn our human diploma, when is that exaclty? Maybe we're not human until we can speak the language of our parents. I mean, if a 28 week old baby in the womb isn't human then why should some slobbering little blob that can't talk be one? Maybe we should be able to kill babies until they can walk? Every human can walk right? Well Stephen Hawking can't walk, talk, or really anything, maybe we should have him aborted. Or not since he is one of the leading physicists in the world.

    You see you don't get to play God because you don't "get it." You have no idea that we are humas at conception. We have all the DNA we need to prove it. A gorilla may look more human at that moment, but we are undeniably human.

    2. The vast majority are in the first trimester. How do you know? These abortion clinincs and Planned Parenthoods are lying all the time. How do you know? I've seen it on hidden camera. These people lie to do one thing and one thing only...make it easy for people to kill babies because they don't "get it" either.

    Besides, who cares what trimester it is...it's still a human baby!

    3. If we can all "conduct" our lives the way see fit according to what we believe since that "varies from person to person" as you say. When does that end? What if I believe I shoule have the right to kill a 6 month old? What if a group of people gain a lot of steam in this belief and then get some people in congress for some lobbying? When does it end. For that matter why should any of us stop from doing anything we want because of what we want, believe, and need at any one time. Maybe I believe I need more money and I could just go to your bank account and take what's there.

    You see, your argument are so soft and full of holes, I can argue that we shoule be able to anything, at anytime, to whomever we want based on your assement of humanity and the theolgy of abortion rights.

    What it all comes down to is you want to do whatever you want, whenever you want, as long it doesn't hurt you. Well, if everybody did as you do, then you'd get hurt by someone else eventually.

    That is why we have the 10 Commandments. You can believe in in the Bible or not. The Bill of Rights is loosly based on the 10 Commandments as they are historically, the basis of all laws we humans live by.

    We need these basic laws to live together on this planet. We need laws to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We need laws so that we don't stray from what's right and good, to keep us out of trouble.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Mon, Jan 26, 2009, at 9:34 PM
  • I believe that we have to have some sort of way to control the population. We have entirely too many babies being born to people that can not afford to properly take care of a child, most of them are teenagers that are not ready for the responsibility. We can do all of the skillful parenting in the world, it doesnt make up for the fact that once the hormones start rising in a teenager, the IQ of that teenager falls rapidly. I have seen some of the best people and best parents have a teen that could not be controlled, at least not within the limits of the law. ABORTION IS NOT THE WAY. Killing an unborn child is not right, I dont know, nor do I care what it says in the bible about it, I dont think it is right. The mental and emotional effects on the mother is usually devasting later on as well. I would not be opposed to forced birth control for teenagers, until they have reached the age where a sound responsible decision could be made, say 21 for women and at least 25 for men. I didnt mean that as a slam on men. I am a man, and I know I didnt make a decent, well thought out decision until I was at least 25. This may be unconstitutional, but is it constitutional to make all tax payers pay for the children born to people that cant take care of it. A grown woman makes a choice when she decides to be sexually active, if she gets pregnant, I dont think she should have the choice to kill the child. I also think the man, who made the same choice, has to be held accountable as well. The odd thing is, the choice is completely in the hands of the woman. A woman can make the choice to kill my baby! A man cant even make the choice to save his own child. I am a single dad of 4 children and I know many other dads capable of raising a child on his own. I am rambling on, this is a very emotional topic for me. I recognize the problem, but there has to be a better solution than killing babies, isn't there?

    -- Posted by seentoomuch on Tue, Jan 27, 2009, at 1:22 PM
  • Life begins at conseption. How more plain does it get than that?? I'm sure the people for the abortion are glad they were born and not aborted.

    Think about it. You wouldn't be here to express an opinion if you were aborted, would you????

    -- Posted by edbru on Thu, Jan 29, 2009, at 12:05 PM
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