Letter to the Editor

Abandoned puppy

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear Editor,

It seems that every once in a while a situation arises that makes one wonder "What in the world were you thinking?" The following is one of them.

Wednesday, Jan. 14, a small yellow Lab puppy was left in a shopping cart outside Walmart by some individual that walks on two legs. With the swift interest of customers and Walmart employees the puppy was soon safe and warm in the McCook Humane Society animal shelter where it is being cared for and waiting for a new home.

Why the puppy was left there in the cold and scared, so much that it was crying, is known only to the people who left it. Also why it wasn't taken to the shelter and surrendered is also questionable. That is what the shelter is for, but it seems that dumping them someplace is easier.

The McCook Humane Society has been in operation for 25 years and has cared for and found homes for thousands of dogs and cats and there is no logical reason for people to leave unwanted pets in such places as parking lots, parks or just dumping them along a road. As I have said hundreds of times "We can take care of the animals -- it is the people that cause the problems."

Let's hope that an incident like this will not happen too often and that the mentality of the average person will understand that animals are in their care and depend on them for their well being.

Marilyn Cuellar

and members of McCook

Humane Society


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