Have you kept your resolution?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

McCook Junior High eighth graders at a MHS basketball game were asked: "What was your New Year's Eve resolution, and have your kept or broken it?"

After some consideration and lots of embarrassed giggles, they replied:

Brooklyn Trew

Brooklyn Trew: "I was going to be more respectful toward my parents. Uhhmmm, yes, I have broken it. And my parents would say so too."

Megan Ruppert

Megan Ruppert: "I wasn't going to get mad so easily." "Yes, I've broken it. I'll have to start over, I guess."

Brittany Broomfield

Brittany Broomfield: "I was going to exercise more." "Oh, yeah, I've broken it. I haven't exercised at all!"

Hollie Eiler

Hollie Eiler: "I wasn't going to eat so much junk food." "Yeah, I've pretty well broken that. I had Cheetos for supper."

Riley Allen

Riley Allen: "I wasn't going to back-talk as much. Uh huh, I've broken it. My daddy would probably agree."

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