Letter to the Editor

Be thankful

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Editor,

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, we should all take time to think about things to be thankful for.

We live in a free and democratic capitalistic society that is the envy of the entire world. Our economy is the greatest in history and cannot collapse. (Layoffs are a thing of the past.)

We are allowed to believe in God and be thankful evil agents will not confiscate our Bibles and property. Wars are being fought, but not here on American soil. There are still thousands of the enemy hiding in caves in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Upper Sandusky and Podunk Center, but they are being chased by our well-trained militants and we have the technology to kill them all dead.

And, above all, and in conclusion, gasoline prices are dropping like bombs.

Steve Stramel,


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