Farm and Ranch Expo spotlights invaluable industry

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Part of the problem with today's economy is that much of the business activity doesn't involve any real products or services -- money is being shuffled around from one institution to another, with profits evaporating as easily as an electronic transfer.

No, real, meaningful production comes from creating a valuable product out of something of lesser value.

Living in the Golden Plains, it's easy to overlook the fact that farmers and ranchers are in the business of using the land, water and sunshine to produce the grain, meat, milk, biofuels and other products that are key to our economy.

That kind of back-to-basics economics will be in full flower Wednesday and Thursday at the Red Willow County Fairgrounds for the first McCook Farm and Ranch Expo.

Among about 150 exhibitors will be the ones you'd expect at a farm and ranch expo, but check out the list at http://www.mccookfarmandranchexpo.net/id60.html and you'll find a wide variety of products and services, from hot tubs to barbecue to crafts.

While you're there, you can meet PRCA star Steven Dent, Miss Rodeo America Amy Wilson on Wednesday and watch a stock dog demonstration on Thursday.

The Farm and Ranch Expo is also a good example of the value of the Kiplinger Arena, made possible by the initial gift and ongoing support of rancher Tom Kiplinger. That arena, along with the 4-H Building, Community Building and Pavilion will all be used, along with the grounds. The weather forecast looks like it will be a great couple of days, although Thursday may be cooler.

It should be a great show; we wish it success and hope it can become an annual event.

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