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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Editor,

What an honor and a privilege to work with such a committed, caring group of people as there are at McCook Elementary School! The Veterans Day activities were awe-inspiring. The teachers and paras worked hard to come up with many diverse activities in each classroom. Some had the children make flags, some badges, thank-you notes (some classes sent their thank-you notes to veterans' homes in Nebraska) and some wrote books. Veterans were invited to each classroom to answer questions the children had, and to share their own experiences as veterans.

(Thank you, Mr. Garcia, for sharing with my class.)

Mr. Coleman, as always, did an outstanding job of teaching each grade a special song that was sung at the assembly. (Click here to view.) (I dare say, there were some of us who were so moved, we had to go to the office where Mrs. Eskew and Mrs. Lortz provided us with Kleenex.) I did not realize there were such talented people that live here in our community until I heard the "6 & 34 Band" play. Some of the musicians even took time off from work to perform patriotic songs for our enjoyment. Wow!

Making this day so memorable was a team effort ... from the children to the veterans. Being a teacher means I also get to learn from the people who make their impression on my life. Thank you, everyone, for giving me a wonderful, lasting memory.


Diana Robinson,


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