Letter to the Editor

Saving capitalism

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Editor,

All of us, liberals and conservatives alike, deep down are die-hard capitalists.

We all believe in the concepts of competition, free trade, and businesses that are fair and unfettered by government.

With the election rapidly approaching its time that somebody stated the obvious- Under a "Free Trader's" administration (the supposed watchdogs of laissez-faire capitalism), and with reduced regulations, we have watched merger after merger, take-over after take-over, and bankruptcy after bankruptcy.

At the same time this was transpiring, American factories and jobs were being shipped overseas.

The end result is that there are now less banks, less insurance companies, less oil companies, less home mortgage companies, less brokerage houses, less factories, and of course, less competition.

In its place, the American government will likely own shares in businesses and home mortgages. My question, for as ridiculous as it sounds, is- "Who is going to save capitalism from the free traders"?

These are complicated and troubling times. The next administer had better be cool, calm, level headed, and have the wherewithal to surround himself with a small army of highly energetic, extremely intelligent people from all walks of life -- he's going to need all the help he can get.

Al Dunworth


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