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McCook a gem

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

EDITOR'S NOTE -- Tuesday's Gazette included a photo of a racing plane temporarily hangared in McCook after setting a speed record at Oshkosh, Wis. E-mailed about a reported second record attempt, the pilot, Jon Sharp of Nemisis Air Racing provided the following response:

We had a technical problem that prohibited us from taking another shot at the record on Saturday. So we did get the record on the 31st of 356.33 m.p.h., raising the record from 331 m.p.h.

My wife Patricia and I were there in your wonderful town of McCook.

We went to the beautiful golf course, hit some balls there, ate at the local eateries, and spent time walking the wonderful downtown. I think our favorite eatery is the Taste of Texas. Since Patricia and I both lived in Texas for a bit and miss the BBQ, it was great to go there. Frankly, the BBQ there is better than anywhere we can remember in Texas.

Everyone there was wonderful to us, going way out of their way to help the stranded weary travelers. The people at the airport, Griff, Jeff, Shirley, Kyle, Krent and the entire crew are absolutely wonderful people and hosts.

In fact, one young gentleman grabbed some cleaner, and towels, and cleaned every last bug off the plane, it was very very cool. Sadly, his name is escaping me at the moment. If you get a chance to get his name, a young blonde haired guy, please put his name in print also, if you can.

[We believe it was Nick Wilcox -- ed.]

We thank them all for their help and hospitality. AWESOME people! You have a great town! McCook is such a breath of fresh air, Thank You!

Nemesis is still there as I write. We are trying to figure out the weather there for our return to McCook to bring the plane home. We have been told that the normal weather there for this time of year is "severe clear." We are hoping to see a bit of that later this week.

We are getting very close to our race week at the Reno Air Races next month and are eager to get the plane home for our preparations to defend our Super Sport National title from 2007. At Reno last year we set three new course records, Qualifying, heat race, and Gold Championship speeds. All in the 386 m.p.h. area.

Again we thank the wonderful people of McCook for their hospitality, warm smiles and support. McCook is truly a gem!


Jon and Patricia Sharp

Mojave, Calif.

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