Cleaning up our property just part of being a good neighbor

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kudos to city officials for forming the new Problem Resolution Team to deal with properties that aren't up to snuff.

Trashy or deteriorating properties are an eyesore or even health hazard any time of year, but never more than the outdoor season.

The new city team takes a look at properties that are falling into disrepair, uninhabitable or hazardous under state and city ordinances.

Not only are they a direct problem, but such properties also hurt the value of nearby properties which might be on the market. That's especially an issue now, when property values are of special concern.

Officials are also taking the right approach, in talking to property owners quietly in an effort to have the problem corrected without resorting to legal action.

We do hope they'll be more open about which properties are of concern, and how they're being dealt with. Certainly, if it progresses beyond the friendly warning, there's no need to keep the identity of the property secret from City Council members or the public.

Let's all make a little effort to put our community's best foot forward for the upcoming summer. A good goal would be to have it done in time for the Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival the last weekend of this month.

But we shouldn't be doing it just for out-of-town visitors. Mowing weeds, cleaning up junk and sprucing up our property is just part of being a good neighbor.

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