Letter to the Editor

Saving money?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Editor,

I read the recent statements of the Red Willow County Sheriff and County Attorney excusing their decision not to prosecute the cattle killer with disbelief.

Apparently the two top law enforcement people in the county view their primary purpose as saving the county money. Perhaps Mr. McNutt and the county commissioners should share in the credit for this debacle. Were the sheriff and county attorney directed to avoid intervening in the case if it would cost the county money?

The prosecution of the Norfolk bank robbers cost Madison County dearly.

The recent Ochoa murder trial has been expensive for the tax payers of Lincoln County. Prosecutors in Douglas county sent a man to jail last week for starving one dog.

These county officials chose to enforce the law. Are we to assume our county commissioners, sheriff and county attorney have been choosing not to prosecute felony cases if they deemed them too expensive?

On a side note, if the county sheriff and his deputies were driving less elaborate vehicles and handed out an occasional speeding ticket, there might be enough money in the county budget to protect dumb animals from abuse and send felons to jail.

Lawrence Johnson,


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