Letter to the Editor

Paying a big price

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dear Editor,

People pay a big price when they become famous. Just ask Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Guillani.

After Sarah Ferguson left Prince Andrew, she vacationed in Southern France with her two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. A photo of taken of her by the Daily Mirror, a sensational publication. (They used a telephoto lens.) It showed her sunbathing topless with her financial adviser, John Bryan, sucking her big toe. This was published worldwide.

Jan. 16, 2008, Fergie was interviewed as the spokesperson for Weight Watchers on CNBC. She has worked on her weight problem, since she was dubbed the "Dutchess of Pork" by the media. Recently, one of her daughters was called "Miss Piggy" in a publication. The daughter reacted by saying, "Do they want me to become anorexic?"

Obviously, it is much easier to be an ordinary person and avoid public scrutiny. I sometimes think, Sarah Ferguson, the Dutchess of York, preferred to be an ordinary person.

Helen Ruth Arnold,


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