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Headlights, please!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dear Editor,

Do people not understand that headlights are not just needed for driving at night? Headlights are a vital way for other drivers to see your vehicle in adverse weather!

I was driving home from Lincoln last Friday when we were having overcast skies, freezing rain and snow. I could not believe the number of drivers without their headlights on.

Many vehicles could not be seen until you were almost on top of them. We witnessed drivers trying to pass only to swerve back into our lane because a vehicle was coming in the other lane and couldn't be seen because they did not have their headlights on!

This isn't the only time I have experienced this. Every time there is bad weather I am nervous about encountering vehicles without headlights on. I am apprehensive about passing anyone -- even if they are going 10 mph -- because I am unable to trust there is no one coming in the other lane due to the number of drivers who fail to turn their headlights on.

Driving in bad weather is scary enough, but driving in bad weather when you can't see other vehicles is terrifying.

Please drivers use your headlights at dawn, dusk, in rain, snow, fog… Better yet do like I was taught -- if your engine is on, your headlights are on.

Andi Waya,

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