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Give up rose-colored glasses

Friday, November 2, 2007

Dear Editor:

Another time the voters have to decide on an issue -- namely added sales tax.

Hats off to Mark Graff for his article on the half-cent sales tax. It is needful.

True, McCook formerly operated without a city tax. However, back then McCook had a big payroll coming in from the railroad, packing company, two wholesaler companies. All of that income literally stayed in McCook, much of it going to property tax. We have lost those sources of income. McCook is now mostly comprised of property owners who are on a fixed income -- that source isn't sufficient to meet our present day needs.

We need businesses and industry to bring in revenue to meet requirements. At present, McCook doesn't have much to look to for adequate income.

Part of the half-cent percent added tax is ear-marked for EDC which is endeavoring hard to get some big firms and industry to come here. To do this, they have to have available funds to offer incentives to those who would locate here.

McCook needs a good face-lift in restoring or demolishing unsightly buildings. We have lots of good things here, to name a few, we have good schools, churches, YMCA, hospital, clinic, also space for visiting specialists in the health field. However, who wants to move into a town that is an eyesore? There are other pertinent needs not mentioned but they can't be funded by property tax.

We have done a lot of needed improvements already, using our present one percent tax, but we are still short funded.

A city tax is going to have to be an ongoing thing in McCook if we expect to keep from going on the decline. Let's rationalize for a moment. Think how our graduates are having to go elsewhere in order to find employment. Oh yes, there are a few "mickey-mouse" jobs around but nothing for a family to live on.

Please understand this -- the added half percent is not giving permission for our officials to allot money to some frivolous thing that isn't needful. They are going to be monitored.

Let's take off the rose-colored glasses and not keep living in the past. The horse and buggy days are past and we have to meet our new challenges. If we don't, McCook will "go down the drain" like many towns have done. Please, let's not let that happen. Let's look ahead and try to have a good place for future generations as well for the present.

Sharpen up your pencils and vote YES for the half percent tax. You know doing the right thing gives you a good feeling inside. The Bible doesn't say this but -- God does help those who help themselves.

Thank you

Esther Wissbaum


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