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Rise to the challenge

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dear Editor,

McCook and Southwest Nebraska have a proud history of contributing successful national figures, politicians and scholars to our region, state and nation.

It could be that that history will not be repeated in future years, because of the decline in area population and economic base. It's no secret that peak population in our area occurred in 1930, and that it has declined by at least half since then.

The causes are discussed and analyzed, but regardless of the cause or causes the effect is the same, less people and less economic activity.

This fall we will be asked if we want to make an effort to reverse the trend. The sales tax issues on the ballot for our special election offer us the chance to make a statement about our belief in the future of this area.

Collecting money to be used for economic development is not a quick or sure solution to our population and economic problems, but it can be a statement about our resolve to continue to work to provide opportunities for families to raise their children in this, area.

The question before the voters in November can be put this way, "Do you want to accept decline and the inevitable increasing costs associated with governing fewer people?"

"Are you satisfied with, the opportunity that you had to raise your family here, and don't care about future generations?" OR "Do you want to rise to the challenge and take a chance on providing opportunities for future Southwest Nebraska residents to continue a proud future of providing successful national figure, politicians and scholars to our region, state and nation?"

Please rise to the challenge and vote yes on all three ballot issues. It isn't an automatic solution, but it is a start.


Phil Harr

4th generation McCook native

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