What was the best part of the "Grand Duke Alexis Rendezvous" at Camp Hayes?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Linda Fitzsimmons, Lebanon: "The living historians. I love the characters and the stories they tell. Oh, and the monument. The tour to the monument is out of this world."

Gina Melton, Hayes Center: Friday, "The Students Day.' Having all those students here was so much fun. I'd really like to see more schools participate next year."

Floyd Christiancy, Wilcox: "The living historians are the best part." Christiancy is related to Buffalo Bill by marriage, and his grandmother was related to Indian scout William "Billy" Comstock.

Ezrah Christiancy, 11 years old, Wilcox: "I like being anywhere without my sister. And I like all the little booths -- they have all sorts of cool things to see and buy."

Ethan Bazyn, 8, Broken Bow: "I like seeing the traders. I bought a rabbit skin."

Eli Bazyn, 9, Broken Bow: "I like the cannons ... their noise. And they're really accurate."

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