Letter to the Editor

Houseboat home?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Editor,

Killing two birds with one stone ain't easy to do, but here goes. You are looking in the picture at a broken-down, unlived-in home out in the country. Dozens of them sit as an eyesore of dreams that have died in every county.

Is it time to condemn them and force the land to be sold to someone who will make the property a living example of what America used to be?

Is it time to force all mega landlords to sell unused or  waste land, including (that) next to the creeks and rivers?

(The) law won't allow a home to be built on a flood plain; go around the law and put a houseboat there and live in it. When so many want a small place in the country, plus the city, county and state want more taxes, if people could get land at tax valuation and build a lifetime on it, the tax base would go to the sky without one more tax or tax increase.

Just a thought from the bottom of the dollar pile.

Bill "Mr. Bill" Donze,


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