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bin Laden's goal

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Editor,

A disturbing message of a Jihad (holy war) by Osama bin Laden was published on page 9 of the Sept. 20 Gazette. On an Islamic militant Web site, he called for a Pakistani rebellion.

I have scanned information given to me when I toured Israel in 1994. I learned that Palestinian Arabs value courage, bravery and hospitality. Ninety-two percent of them are Muslim (mostly Sunni). Regardless of their religion, they are united as Palestinians.

Their primary language is Arabic, although many of them speak French, English and some Hebrew. When bin Laden broadcasts in Arabic, they are bound to listen. No doubt, he will use this to his advantage.

Although bin Laden is lacking in generosity, hospitality and human kindness, he may be able to reach them.

The Jews in Israel and the Palestinian-Arabs seem to function on two different channels. Devout Jews quote from the Talmud, a compendium of Jewish laws, which speaks of a celestial Jerusalem. Palestinian Arabs dream about establishing their own separate state. bin Laden's aim seems to be to bring other countries under Islamic control and his own type of tyrannical leadership.

Helen Ruth Arnold,


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