Get those cameras ready this weekend

Friday, September 7, 2007

Put some fresh batteries in the camera and set the alarm clock to get up early Saturday and make your way out to the McCook Regional Airport.

If the winds are relatively calm, you'll hear the whir of powerful fans and the roar of burners as more than a dozen huge, colorful hot-air balloons inflate for the morning flight of the McCook Balloon Fest.

Even if it is windy, there will be a delicious breakfast served by the Kiwanis Club and a great chance to enjoy "hangar flying" with the balloon pilots and crews.

There'll be another chance for liftoff Saturday night and Sunday morning, along with a "night glow" and a chance for kids to walk through an inflated balloon envelope.

Check out more information at http://mccookballoon fest.com. You can even enter some of those great photos in a contest.

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