Letter to the Editor

Chemical runoff

Friday, June 1, 2007

Dear Editor,

I am sure you know about the contamination we have in east McCook from the old TRW plant, and the tax dollars spent for the treatment plant on airport road.

We were told here on East 15th street, that the poison was going down the airport road. Yeah, in a pig's eye; now in all their infinite wisdom, they have put a chemical warehouse below the old TRW site.

The runoff is going down east 16th, down East C and into Kelley Creek.

When the rain dries it leaves a fine mud that blows everywhere, I guess they thought it is already contaminated. So it would be all right to pollute more of the neighborhood and give more of us people more cancer.

More birth defects; after all it is just human life, not as important as that dollar bill, When will we stop paying with our lives, to make someone's money?

Jerry Neiman


EDITOR's NOTE -- The groundwater remediation plant on Airport Road was built by TRW to comply with federal requirements, not with tax dollars.

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