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Remember the Zephyr?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dear Editor,

May 24, 1934, the Pioneer Zephyr made a dawn to dusk run from Denver to Chicago. Of course this non-stop run on the C.B.&Q Railroad came thru McCook. This was the beginning of the diesel-electric locomotives in train service and the beginning of the end to the steam locomotives.

This run was well publicized and people came from miles around to see this train whiz by.

The purpose of this letter is to both inform and request. The information is that the Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival will be having a railroad story hour.

The request is that anyone who was near trackside to see this historic event of the Pioneer Zephyr, please come and relate your experience at the railroad hour.

It will be held June 9, at 9 a.m.; the place is the High Plains Museum, 421 Norris Ave., McCook. We will have an open mike session and other railroad stories will be told. Everyone is welcome to share a story or just to listen.

For more information contact John Hubert, member of the Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival. Hope to see you there.

John Hubert

(308) 345-4534



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