Letter to the Editor

Finding fossils

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dear Editor,

On one of my tree seedling planting trips, my wife and I stumbled over a homestead. Only a few bricks were left and they were not even on top of each other.

Still, one rock, and only one, was sticking out of the ground, and yes I tripped over it. (I was too busy watching for rattlers, since a big one had already gotten away.) The rock caught my eye enough to make me bend down and dig it out.

Danged if it wasn't petrified wood and in another year, maybe two it would have been buried.

I dug a shovel full and there was more. As we dug we kept finding more. More than 100 pounds of the stuff.

Boy, there is a story lost to time. Too bad so much of history is being covered up by man, dirt and old father time.

Bill Donze,


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