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By the book

Monday, April 30, 2007

Dear Editor,

Let me be the first to say; I have made many poor decisions in my life. But today, I look at my daughters, my wife, and my life and I am compelled to smile.

I have to smile! I smile because I made it through my teenage years and early twenties without guidance. I smile, because today, I have the right to vote, as well as the right to bear arms. Today, I can apply to any job I desire, and I do not have to say, "yes, I am a felon."

This being said, every day that passes I say to God and all of those who decided to give me a chance, and in some cases several, thank you for your mercy.

Considering some of the things that people find their way into these days, it is a blessing from God that more people are not lost to poor decision-making and disregard for the safety of others.

I can certainly relate to the level of frustration that has been voiced by concerned citizens in regard to the poor decisions made recently by some of our youth. I agree that these actions should not go unpunished. The thing that concerns me is the severity of punishment that should be demonstrated.

I can find nothing advantageous in giving a person charges that can change their life because of a poor decision or action that is made at such a vulnerable point in his or her life.

These individuals have a long life ahead of them. A life that could be severely altered if they are to be charged and prosecuted with what could have potential to be felonies.

In my opinion, I believe a more immediate approach should have been, or should be taken; 1. Immediate removal from all activities, programs, and sporting events in school, 2. Restitution, 3. Summer in Jail, 4. Community Service, 5. Public Apology, and 6. Probation.

I realize that very intelligent and incomparable individuals wrote "the book," but sometimes a little common sense is all you need to recognize what is appropriate.

On another note, is anyone else in favor of upping the city sales tax to help absorb some of the cost for the enema we will receive when LB701 goes into effect? Is 21?2 percent too much?

Craig A. Carner


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