Letter to the Editor

Let's be wrong

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dear Editor,

It's too bad that Gloria Masoner and people like her weren't around during World War II. Maybe 400,000 would not have died so she can make policy now.

She should have been around so she could either be speaking German or Japanese. War is hell. I saw several thousands die on the beach of Normandy in two and a half hours.

We have lost 3,000 or so in the five years of this war. The ones who are talking are not anywhere close to the war, but can talk up a storm knowing all about it.

I say, bring the soldiers home so al Qaeda and other Islamo-fascists can following them home and take care of some of these smart people who live in these United States of America.

Let's be wrong completely. All of these so-called generals should be closer to the front lines or Baghdad.

Ronald Cumming,


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