Letter to the Editor

Celebrations planned

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dear Editor,

My fellow Americans. The evil dictator of Cuba is gravely ill and is expected to soon die. Students of American Democracy are aware of this man's name: Fidel Castro. Castro for decades has been an evil doer, has killed dead thousands of his own people, lived in expensive palaces, and was often surrounded by human shields. He seized power in the 1950s and never allowed the people to vote. Numerous attempts on his life funded by the CIA?failed.

But soon, this enemy of freedom will die. When this happens, my fellow Americans, be happy! Wave the flag bravely. Jump up and down for joy, clap your hands and let's all sing the National Anthem. Fidel Castro will soon be dead. Ye-hah!

Drive around town and honk your horns all night. Communism will end at some point in time. The sooner Castro dies, the better. Then the Cuban people can have free and democratic elections.

Stephen Stramel,


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