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Great radio story

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the terrific article! ["Early radio days in McCook" (http://www.mc cookgazette.com/story/1188231.html)] Interestingly, the Gazette link was sent to me by Steve Lenwell, Roy's son, now living in Houston.

I have enjoyed a 40-plus year career in the radio business but it all started at KBRL in the early '60s when I worked "summer relief" for a couple of summers while a student at UNL. It was a real learning experience ... the media world at the grass roots. Roy was a colorful guy and a good teacher. I haven't been to McCook for a few years, but how the radio landscape there has changed! Back in the day, there were no FM stations. We had KBRL and (then) KWRV (now KICX). There was some arguably local service from KRVN (then on 1010) and from Colby's KXXX. And at night, they all signed off!

All of the kids in the area got our daily .. nightly .. rock and roll fix from "yours truly, KOMA" and WLS, both of which boomed in at night.

Again thanks, I enjoyed the article immensely.?**Doug Herman

Promotional Broadcast Network

San Diego, Calif.

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