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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dear Editor:

Imagine ... you are walking through your town, and hear a great groan from one of the buildings on Main Street. A roof buckles and splinters into the inside of the structure. A few moments later, the large front windows blow out with chards of glass flying onto the street and sidewalk, lying in piles everywhere.

You think this can't be happening in your town -- as the side brick wall of the building caves outwards, crashing down between walls. You then remember where you are, and relax.

It's only the Village of Wilsonville. Destructing as if commanded by unknown forces. How does this happen? So often, simple neglect, lack of caring and a Board of Trustees that fiddle with frivolous lawsuits on its residents over an issue that is so insignificant, you know its roots are in hate. Hatred of the legal aliens that live in their midst.

Does the building that was described exist? Yes. It just fell down, on Main Street, and kids now play in the piles of rubble, with the chards of glass left on the street, in heaps that are walked around, along with all the other buildings that are falling down.

 Yes … aliens! Those that cross the border. No, not the U.S. border … just the state's border. Some of these legal aliens get lawsuits filed on them while good ole boys don't, for the same purported offense.

The offense of seeking good clean drinking water, after receiving years of warnings about the village's water that cannot pass the tests to be safe for consumption. The lawsuit that is placed on these individuals is constructed by Peter Burger of McCook, based solely on a new ordinance that was adopted illegally without posting, reading or discussion.

Mr. Burger warns about how the outsiders are trouble makers and deserve what they get, but has no problem of not using the lawsuit against one of the village's own -- who just happens to be his client. Mr. Burger has no problem violating ethics, since the Counsel for Discipline finds the practice to be just fine. Recent articles in the news suggest that Mr. Burger is known for conflicts of interest.

Now … for the strange part of the reasoning of the board for this ordinance. They state, seeking clean water would pollute or contaminate the underground water. They have completely ignored the fact, that 90 percent of the village has cesspools and not sanitary facilities for the water.

Many are plumbed into the storm drains and the stench is horrific in summer months. The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality doesn't care. The board doesn't care. The good 'ole boys don't care … but the outsiders care. Why is this?

Perhaps they know a better way of doing business? Perhaps they are used to caring? Perhaps they expect better for their tax dollars?

Money? Did I mention money? Yes! It is always about money, or lack of. The board has no problem using thousands of dollars to sue, which they don't have -- while the infrastructure collapses, until the point they are going broke, or should I say the town is going broke.

Yes, they are too busy to see this -- while they drink coffee, gamble, smoke ... and oh yes! Gossip.

Gossip to themselves about how right they are. They have forgotten that many know that they have openly hated the outsiders, and that their words have been recorded. Some have even stated that they will discriminate, and that they are bigots and wish the outsider who want better would leave.

City? Town? No, just a village is all Wilsonville is and on the endangered list to be sure. To fall, not by the outsiders, but from years of neglect by the Board of Trustees.

They would be well-suited to follow the example of the area farmers who are constantly striving to make their farms better, produce more, and be the steward of the land they are blessed with. Perhaps the outsiders should leave? No one to fill their homes, the tax base dwindling to nothing, the very money and skills that they possess going elsewhere. The laughter of their kids gone, with only the echo of the past to haunt those left behind … until the last building falls and the village is quietly put to sleep to exist only in the memories of those who destroyed it from the inside.

G.L. Meyer

Furnas County

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