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Heineman's numbers questioned

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dear Editor,

We have posted an Excel worksheet that looks at the Governors water numbers.  We are having difficulty finding a way to make his numbers match his statements.  Take a look at

 http://www.waterclaim.org/blog/2007/01/governor_math.html and see if you can identify where the missing $35.9 million comes from.

 By our estimation, the governor's plan will, over the 12 years he suggests we look at, be short $118 million of what is needed and will cost the Republican River Basin in 1.3 billion in economic activity.  We base the 1.3 billion on the Ray Supalla study that was done for the Platte River Basin in November 2006 and simply change the number of acres Supalla uses there to match what the Governor has said he wants to affect in the Republican River Basin.  It is a rough estimate but gives a ballpark idea of the scale of the problem.

 **Steve Smith,




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