Letter to the Editor

Helping Holdrege

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dear Editor,

Since Mother Nature was kind to us in the McCook area by not knocking out our electricity, maybe we should help out our friends in the Holdrege area who have suffered a great deal of hardship these past few weeks.

The Phelps County Community Foundation has opened a Disaster Relief Fund in response to this costly ice storm. They will help the area agencies, churches and individuals that are experiencing a rapid depletion of their resources.

Our big snowstorm caused us some inconveniences with snow removal, a couple missed bowl games because of TV outages and a couple days without newspapers. I am thinking the good folks in Phelps County would love to have our problems.

If any readers would like to help out our neighbors to the East, you may mail your contribution to


 701 4th Ave.

 Holdrege, NE 68949

 Make checks payable to P.C.C.F. Disaster Relief Fund. 


 **Duane Tappe


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