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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dear Editor,

I would like to commend Craig A. Carner for having the guts to write and say what a lot of us thought about the recent snow removal efforts. If Mr. Trail has so much experience perhaps he could lead the charge when this next round of snow comes. Or, perhaps he could spend the time he seems to have so much of helping elderly and disabled people get their sidewalks finally passable. Better still, he and those so inclined could help make a trail so that the kids could walk safely down the sidewalks along "J" street as they try to get to school on time.

I realize few of us were prepared for so much snow when there has been so little for so long. Now we can use this experience to be better prepared. In my dad's community, newspapers and mail are not delivered unless all sidewalks are cleared by the individual homeowners. They are welcome to pick up their mail at the post office or their paper at the newspaper office. One of the reasons I am not a homeowner is because I know I could not maintain a house including removing snow that often falls in winter. Finally, I would ask that those who are able take the time and offer to scoop walks for people who aren't able to. I will do what I can. Please help out if you can.


Cherish Hiatt-Lewis


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