Letter to the Editor

No doubts now

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dear Editor,

Last month, just before Christmas my daughter Sophia and I were given the gift of holiday spirit.

There is absolutely no shred of a doubt in Sofia's mind of the existence of Santa Clause, because he came to her house bearing gifts, hugs, and conversation.

I could not even begin to fight back my tears as I watched the awe and hope float into her eyes. Sophia felt as though she was being invited to a peek at something truly rare, something that only very special people get to witness. It was like real magic!

In return my own heart and soul were not only touched, but also lifted. I was able to see first hand how a small group of people, such as the City Employees Making a Difference, selflessly went out on a terribly cold night when they could have been at home with their families, keeping warm.

I feel like now I know there are really angels out there. After they left I turned to Sophia and said, "What a bunch of angels." She looked amazed and said, "Mom, are all the other firemans angels too?" I just laughed and reassured her that yes they were.

Jennifer Hutchison,


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