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Fond memories

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dear Editor,

None more than I could appreciate today's article on the World War II POW and the surrounding communities' relationships "The prisoners among us -- How enemies worked together during World War II" http://www.mccookgazette.com/story/1180630.html).

During the latter years of World War II, as a child living in Trenton and traveling to Hastings, Inland, and Harvard on U.S. 34 and 6, I can remember meeting the POW convoys. Later, as an 8 year old with my parents and sister, we had the privilege (and yes it was a privilege) to live at the Indianola POW camp in 1951 while it was used for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

The eight months we lived there and had an association with Indianola was eight months that left a lasting memory with its many childhood adventures.

On a January 2005 Cheyenne, Wyo. to Nashville, Tenn., flight, it was great to still be able to see the Indianola camp building foundation outlines.

I still cannot pass up a chance to hear of one more story of Indianola and the POW camp.

As a side note, last month I had the opportunity to visit (Lincoln's state-chartered Wyuka cemetery) Walter Cameron grave and view the unique tombstone.

Mr. Cameron was the Burlington Railroad locomotive fireman killed in the 1911 crash of the two trains near Indianola. I first heard of the accident through material published by the McCook Gazette.

Thanks to all and keep up the great work!

From Brentwood, Tenn., and wishing all of our friends in Southwest Nebraska the best,

Keith Enders

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