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Christmas angel

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dear Editor,

I wanted to share what happened in McCook. Wednesday evening, my mother's caregiver went to Wal-Mart to purchase socks and underwear for the soldiers care packages.

While she was shopping a gentleman, that gave his name as Billy Jones, spoke to her about the soldiers and the packages mom sends. He thought that was great!

At the checkout, the caregiver had a gift card to pay for the items. She was $62 short. She did not have other money along so was trying to make arrangements to leave the items and go across town to get more money.

Then the Christmas Angel (Billy Jones) spoke up behind her in line and said he would pay for the rest of the items for the soldiers! The caregiver told him he did not have to do that but he insisted.

We are not sure where Billy is from, he had stated he had been at Fort Riley. We have checked around with some of the local military and no one seems to know who this Christmas Angel might be.

We are so fortunate to have the freedom we have here in the United States to shop when and where we want and worship as we wish. Let this be a reminder of the many gifts we already have been blessed with this Christmas season. Especially, the gift from the Infant Jesus born on Christmas day gave us at his death.

If you are interested in being a Christmas Angel for the soldiers, they are in need of care packages or as little as a note from you! We will be happy to pack and mail any items or purchase items with your donation. Or we can get you set up with a soldier to support yourself.

If you do anything please remember in your prayers the military fighting for the freedom of others and protecting our country. Countless numbers of them will be away from their families or have no family to spend Christmas with.

May God bless you for your efforts no matter what you do in supporting our military.

May God bless Billy Jones for his kindness!

Merry Christmas to all!

Charlynn Hamilton

73757 Ave 359

Hayes Center, NE 69032

(308) 286-3388 or (308) 350-3388

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