Letter to the Editor

Improve Santa Claus Lane display

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Dear Editor,

Since arriving in McCook more than 12 years ago, I have thought that Santa Claus Lane is not necessarily a credit to McCook; however, since I think of McCook as a wonderful place to live, I can accept the fact that Santa Claus Lane is a traditional part of how it celebrates Christmas, especially since it seems to be permanent.

While I'm sure that at the time it was first put up the display was thought to be a beautiful and fitting memorial to the lady it was to honor, I do not feel that in its present state, and at the present time, it does proper credit to her memory.

With all the artistic and decorative talent evidenced in this community, it would seem that some way could be found to enhance this display. This could possibly be an art class assignment at the college or high school.

There is probably a lesson for the City Council in this matter when it comes to allowing continued use of city property by private parties when it has to do with gifts with strings attached.


Fred Boerger,


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