Letter to the Editor

Christmas eyesore

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dear Editor,

My fellow McCookites: The blatantly vulgar display of Christmas decoration objects on Norris Avenue is an eyesore.

Several weeks ago political candidates often-mentioned "wasteful government spending."

If all this crap strewn along our city's main street isn't a waste, then what is?

Just how much money does it cost to maintain this canal of visual nuisance?

And, just how much money will it take to get rid of it after New Years' Day?

I challenge each and every city official to give an exact monetary figure to the cost of Santa Claus Lane here in McCook, Neb.

If you can't do your arithmetic, I can.

Steve Stramel,


EDITOR'S NOTE -- Santa Claus Lane is maintained through a bequest from the late Norma Strunk and erected and dismantled at no cost to the city. The only cost is the electricity for the Christmas lights. Longtime Open Forum readers know that Mr. Stramel's letters lean toward satire and irony.

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