Bison extend legacy for another year

Monday, November 13, 2006

We have a feeling a lot of us around McCook won't know what to do with ourselves Saturday, since we won't be going to Lincoln.

Not that we took going to the state football championship game in Memorial Stadium for granted; it's just that we're, well, spoiled.

The Bison just wrapped up their fifth straight undefeated regular season, and have every reason to be proud of their 11-1 overall record. That tallies 61 wins and 3 losses over the last five years.

As Coach Jeff Gross pointed out, we might be able to beat Crete on another day, but Saturday afternoon, Crete was certainly the best team on Weiland Field.

We know Bison fans will be keeping an eye on the television, wishing the Cardinals well as they take on Elkhorn in the championship game.

The McCook seniors are moving on to other sports today, but they can be proud to have continued the Bison tradition for another year.

Wauneta-Palisade can be proud of their football team as well, upsetting Arapahoe, undefeated and No. 2 state-ranked Axtell and Loomis before finally falling to Overton on Saturday.

The only football remaining in Gazetteland is in Kansas, as St. Francis tries to get in the way of Smith Center's momentum in a home game on the Indians' home field.

And, Chase County, Cambridge and Hayes Center also made appearances to be proud of at the state volleyball tournament in Lincoln on Friday.

Let's not forget Chadron State College football, however, with players like Mark Haag of Indianola, Jayce Dueland, Jeff Lyster and Richard Smock of McCook, and Abe Hinojosa and John Strand of Imperial helping the Eagles earn an 11-0 record -- including that 35-24 defeat of Montana State a week after Montana State defeated the Colorado Buffaloes 19-10.

The Cornhuskers need to have their shoulder pads on straight if they hope to retain the title of the best football team in the state after playing Colorado the day after Thanksgiving.

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