Letter to the Editor

Mass production

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Dear Editor,

The dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, is unstable.

Mr. K is apparently ashamed of his height (4'9") so he wears elevator shoes.

He likes to drink expensive imported cognac while his people are starving and often homeless.

He seldom leaves his own country and is usually hiding.

When he does travel, it is in an armored train surrounded by human shields. He reportedly drowned his own brother in a swimming pool.

Mr. K has nuklur scientists working in secret laboratories.

Recently, they even tried to set off an atomic bomb!

Now they could have a whole bunch of them hidden away where nobody can find them.

My fellow Americans, do not trust this communist.

He could destroy our values and way of life at any second by a newclear strike.

Weapons of mass production are allowed only in democracies.

Steve Stramel,


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