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Candidates speak out II -- Frank Shoemaker

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Dear Readers:

I would like to begin our second message to the voters of the 44th District by again thanking the McCook Gazette for making this space available. Last week, I used this space to outline positions on a few key issues. This week, I would like to point out the very real differences between my campaign and that of my opponent.

Gun Registration -- From the beginning of this campaign, I have made it absolutely clear that I oppose gun registration in any form. My opponent came out solidly in favor of gun registration, then flip-flopped and decided that he should oppose gun registration.

Water Law -- Water is vital to the future of Southwest Nebraska. I believe that if we are to preserve our waters for future generations, our laws must recognize the relationship between ground and surface water.

We cannot rely upon the water transfer scheme trumpeted by my opponent and his special interest groups. An interbasin transfer does not protect the declining water table, unless it is transferred to the place where it is declining. Thankfully, he seems to recognize that his plan is merely a shell game and is now backing away from that position.

Healthcare -- Quality, affordable healthcare is essential to the quality of life in our region. My opponent was apparently unconcerned about local healthcare when he said "no" to legislation that would provide financial incentives for doctors and nurses to locate in rural Nebraska.

I have consistently been in favor of such incentives, because they provide jobs for our region and bring leading edge medical technologies to healthcare facilities in rural Nebraska. My opponent has recognized that by not supporting financial incentives for healthcare workers, he is turning his back on the healthcare of our residents and as of noon yesterday, he has flip flopped once again.

Family -- Being pro life, I oppose abortion, and I'll be a consistent voice for families, our values, and most importantly, our way of life as your next senator. Speaking of family, my son Gus has asked to have the last word in this piece.

Gus wrote, "Looking to my Dad, it is easy to see the passion he feels for Southwest Nebraska. Providing legal representation to countless residents and through his involvement in improving local schools, hospitals, libraries, and businesses, he has spent his life defending and promoting the values of his community.

"His knowledge of the issues, from healthcare to economic development to education and more, is extensive and wide-ranging. He understands that the next senator must work hard to further the goals of his constituents. His passion for home and community give my father the character of a great representative; his knowledge of the issues and of the circumstances in Lincoln provide the ability to make the ambitions of the 44th District a reality."

Again, I thank the Gazette for this opportunity, and I ask for your vote on November 7.


Frank Shoemaker


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