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Concern for water customers

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dear Editor,

As City Council ponders an earlier due date for water bills. Councilman Conroy and Mayor Berry should be commended. Their concern for those whose only income is a late month Social Security check is valid and insightful.

I believe moving the past due date to the 22nd of each month as being considered will put and undue hardship on hundreds of seniors.

Approximately 25 percent of those who receive social security checks receive them on the fourth Wednesday of each month. In 10 of the last 12 months, that Wednesday has fallen AFTER the 22nd, so these seniors would be past due before they get their check!

I doubt there would be riots in the streets if we didn't get our water bill on the 1st and, except for a few masochists, I know of no one who anxiously awaits the arrival of their water bill.

Why not leave the due date at the 24th and change the date for delivery of our bills to the 4th of each month? That would give city employees four extra days to send out our monthly dose of misery vs. the proposed two days.

While the fuse between receipt and past due would be shorter than it is now, it would conform to other bills. Examples of receipt to due dates: NPPD 19 days, Kinder Morgan 15 days, Qwest 19 days, MPPD 15 days and most credit cards, 18 days.

City Council should have special considerations for those who have paid their dues and unfortunately don't live in an upscale neighborhood which seems to be a requirement for getting your concerns approved.

'Nuff said,

Bill Frasier


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