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Just the facts, please

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dear Editor,

Like Mr. Hobbs I appreciated the Editorial titled "Negative Ads Obscure the Issues." The article titled "Christensen, Ricketts blast opponents' pro-life credentials" on 10/18/06 was coverage of a story as it happened.  The rebuttal article entitled "Shoemaker, Nelson say attacks unfair" on 10/20/06 was appropriate to allow those candidates to repudiate the claims until it came to the last two paragraphs.

I feel at that point the Gazette violated its own policy of not allowing letters for or against any candidate in their paper. Granted it was not a letter but by quoting Mr. Kugler as a "supporter" the Gazette allowed him to voice his opinion and have it published in a front-page article no less. By so doing the Gazette therefore negated not only their policy but also their comments in the editorial opposed to negative advertising.

That being said I would like to thank Bruce Crosby for the dialogue he and I have had over this issue since last Friday night via e-mail. I am sure he has been frustrated with me as I was with him at times but we were able to come to an agreement.

I hope that from now until election time that all candidates and their campaigns will concentrate on facts, not character assassinations, promote their own attributes and that we the taxpayers will research all facts on the candidates and then vote our own conscience.


Kathie Cappel      


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