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District 44 candidates speak out -- Frank Shoemaker

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dear Readers,

The McCook Daily Gazette has graciously invited me to share a few thoughts with you today and in next Wednesday's issue. I sincerely appreciate this opportunity to speak directly to you, the voters in the 44th District and I thank the Gazette for making this space available.

I am Frank Shoemaker, an attorney and farmer. I was born in Cambridge, Nebraska, graduated from Doane College and was a member of the United States Peace Corps living in South America. I am a graduate of the Nebraska College of Law, and a director of Pinpoint Communications. I am seeking election to the Nebraska Legislature on a platform that emphasizes real solutions to the challenges we face in the 44th district.

Water -- We need to recognize the relationship between ground and surface water in order to better preserve our precious natural resources for future generations and we need to find solutions that treat all irrigators throughout the district fairly.

Taxation -- We need to cut property taxes, stop government waste and increase the homestead exemption for senior citizens.

Health Care -- I support financial incentives for doctors and nurses who locate in rural Nebraska. I believe that quality, affordable healthcare is necessary not only to maintain our current quality of life, but to foster future economic development.

Education -- We need to make sure that our local public schools receive their fair share of state education dollars and stand up against forced consolidation. High property taxes shouldn't be required for our kids to receive a good education.

Community Corrections -- I support Governor Heineman's decision to move prisoners to the Work Ethic Camp. This will relieve overcrowding of our prisons; will allow prisoners a better transition into society, and will provide economic development to Southwest Nebraska.

Families -- I learned the values of faith, family, and personal responsibility growing up in Southwest Nebraska. I oppose abortion, and I'll be a voice for our families, our values, and our way of life in the Legislature.

Southwest Nebraska is the land of the buffalo, tamed by the railroad. I have farmed and hunted this land, enjoyed its opportunity for recreation and contemplated its beauty. In turn, it has provided good friends and a good life for my family.

The 44th Legislative District of Nebraska is larger than three states: Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Delaware. It has oil and gas production; produces renewable energy; has tremendous agricultural production and both surface and underground water resources. We have two long-haul fiber-optic superhighways, are home to the great lakes of Nebraska, have great outdoor recreation, and an infrastructure of hospitals, schools, roads, airports and businesses to preserve a quality of life unparalleled anywhere on this planet. If you appreciate the advantages that we enjoy here in Southwest Nebraska as I do, I hope you will join me in my effort to maintain and enhance our quality of life.

Again, I thank the Gazette for this opportunity, and I ask for your vote on November 7.


Frank Shoemaker


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