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District 44 candidates speak out -- Mark Christensen

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

When the little girl wept as her daddy left for Iraq, I was once again reminded why Mark and I decided he should run for the Legislature. We both believe in this great State and Country, and we would like to make a difference.

I married Mark Christensen because he is a great man. He is loving, caring and a wonderful father. Mark has worked very hard to provide for the children and me. All of the children attend public school, and our oldest is attending the University of Nebraska. 

Mark is persuasive. He has a way about him that, even when people don't agree with him, they find him likable. Mark doesn't easily take 'no' for an answer. He returns again and again until he finds a way to make it work. That is exactly the trait our District needs in Lincoln. We are outnumbered. We need someone with a personality to win the day through charm, logic, and perseverance. I know Mark, and he has all of these traits. 

Mark makes his living as a commodity broker. People trust him to help them market their grain and assist with their financial investments. You, too, can trust Mark to help you.

Our representative makes policy affecting schools, health care, safety, taxes, water, and every aspect of our lives. I want someone we can trust to make decisions fairly and honestly. I want someone who will hear our concerns, understand our fears, and do what he can to protect us. I know Mark is that man.

There are many issues important to the area. For me, the most important issues are family and protection of the unborn. Mark is the only candidate endorsed by the Nebraska Right to Life and Nebraskans United for Life. 

I know that property taxes are important to us all. They fund our schools and local services. I favor shifting the burden away from property taxes. I know that, as a land owner and home owner, Mark understands the burden of high property taxes and will work to make improvements in this area.

Water has been a central part of Mark's campaign since he entered the race. Mark has researched the issue. He understands it and knows what we must do to fix the problem. The problem will be solved by a combination of programs, including land retirement, limits on irrigation, invasive species management, stoppage of new development, and transfers. These programs will not only reduce existing usages but increase the supply in the basin. This will help recharge the aquifer, refill the streams, and make the lakes enjoyable again. It requires a combination of programs to solve the water crisis.

Mark Christensen has worked hard to get to know the people of the District. Mark is the type to continue striving to learn more and to meet our region's needs. He is honest, sincere, hard working, and has provided well for our family. I hope you will vote for Mark.

-- Kathy Christensen

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