Letter to the Editor

Beware compliments

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dear Editor,

So you are catching flak from candidates and their opponents.

That's great! It means the McCook Daily Gazette is doing its job.

Journalists have long known that in a controversy or political race, if both sides criticize you, it means you are doing your job.

If only one side brings the heat, you better take another look, and if both sides compliment your coverage (God forbid) you need to take a look at what you left out.

I've always been curious how politicians and wanna-be politicians can spend their funds on TV advertising and then complain about newspaper coverage.

I wonder if they complain about getting only an occasional 10-second TV soundbite? It wouldn't make any difference -- the way this election year has gone, who would want to watch?

Your coverage is great -- probably more than any of them deserve.

Keep up the good work.

Jack Rogers,


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