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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dear Editor,

The night of Oct. 13, very late, two young men driving south Highway 83 saw an older lady in her car by the side of the road, slumped over the steering wheel.

These two young men stopped to help the lady and found her to be disoriented. She did not know her name nor where she was.

They drove her to the Days Inn at McCook.

The night clerk called the police, they checked her purse and found out the lady's name and names of relatives. The two young men left; they did not leave their names.

The next morning, the relatives arrived and took the lady home to Colorado Springs. The nephew of Mrs. Olson said there was a smell in the car and he drove it with windows open.

Today I received a letter from the woman, Mrs. Helen Olson. She wanted to thank us and the police officer; she also wanted to thank the young men who helped her.

It turns out there was a carbon monoxide leak into her car; she is lucky to be alive.

Please (publish this to) let the two young men know that Mrs. Olson is very grateful that they stopped and helped her.

Thank you,

Nan Fanning

general manager

Days Inn


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