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Need an apology

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dear Editor,

I am disgusted at the action of McCook School Board and the parents listed in your Oct. 20 article, "Parents of Elementary Students Concerned about Restrictions."

School board policy, according to your article, states that parents wanting to visit classes must receive prior approval. I don't see any of the parents who were allowed to violate this policy complaining to anyone.

I guess violating the rules in their case is OK. Diane Lyons has done a great job of playing politics on the latest development in the Reading First issue.

Instead of defending the School Board's policy or stating that it should be changed, she dumped the blame on Mrs. Latta. Nice job Diane. Did you need to hire an outside consultant for that trick?

Greg Larson doesn't stand up for anything on this issue. He wants to look at this as a board and see what direction to take. His words. How about standing up for something that is right, Greg, instead of following Diane's lead? As for the parents, you don't have the right to visit any class, any time you want. I also pay a lot of money to this school system and I want my children receiving the best education they can.

I don't want you interrupting their classes. As for the parent who felt they didn't receive enough notification that the class would be closed to visitors, get over it. Common sense says the school doesn't have the time or resources to keep you personally informed of every single action they take.

And to the parent who was wondering what the school was trying to hide, I applaud you for bringing an air of mystery to their dubious plot. Gasp! Those teachers may actually have those children behind those locked doors trying to TEACH them something!

A lot of allegations have been raised by parents on this issue and the school board has done a great job of using the teachers and administrators as human shields for their careers. When the truth comes out on these allegations, who will be big enough to extend an apology?

David C. McConnell


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