Letter to the Editor

One-sided attack

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed your editorial titled, "Negative Ads Obscure the Issues."

While I agreed with every word of your editorial, I found it ironic in light of the prior issue's article, "Christensen, Ricketts blast opponents' pro-life credentials."

Your article, a one-sided attack on two respected local citizens, was no less inflammatory and no less negative than the very worst of paid advertisements.

It read like a news story, but it was no more than free propaganda for an out-of-town band of people who wish to attack our local candidates.

Negative political ads, no matter how offensive, are required by law to disclose who approved or paid for the ad.

Perhaps any future Gazette articles of such a one-sided nature should read, "Paid for by the advertisers and subscribers of the McCook Daily Gazette."

I don't think that the "Approved by" method would apply.


Nicholas Hobbs

College Student


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