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Charge increased

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dear Editor,

Yesterday I received my gas bill. The customer service charge was raised to $13.50. My old rate was $5. That is a raise of about 170 percent.

I called Kinder Morgan to complain, asking why, and they didn't give me a good reason.

So, I called the Nebraska Public Service Commission.

As I understood them, this will become a permanent raise unless the Public Service Commission receives enough complaints from gas customers to reverse the ruling.

As of September 2006, this will cost every gas user a $162 per year bill instead of the previous $60 billing, which is an increase of $102.

If you choose to register a complaint with the Public Service Commission, you may call (800) 526-0017 or (402) 471-3101 or http://www.psc.state.ne.us/

When using the phone, you may be answered by an operator wanting to direct your call, and then an automated answering machine that says, "After the tone, leave message."

Please leave your name, address, telephone number and complaint.


L. Allard,


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