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Success from positivity

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dear Editor,

This past weekend, the Nebraska Diplomats held their 39th annual banquet in Lincoln. The Diplomats are a nonprofit corporation with the membership of individuals who work to promote investment and employment in Nebraska.

Two entities with strong ties in McCook were honored at the banquet. Valmont won the award for Outstanding Nebraska Industry, and Mid-Plains Community College won the Power in the Partnership Award. Other annual awards included Diplomat of the Year, Outstanding Community and Ambassador Plenipotentiary.

While observing the awards ceremony, which featured Governor Heineman, a common theme emerged from all the award winners. Successful individuals, businesses, and community focus on optimism and the positive, and avoids negative attacks. Unity, trust, courtesy, loyalties, teamwork, sacrifice for the good of the group, faith in leadership, and benevolence were all words used to describe the awards winners. These same words of praise describing the award winners would be well to base a plan of progress for our community. We need to emulate successful individuals, businesses, and communities if we wish to be successful.

Valmont and Mid-Plains Community College are local examples for all of us to follow if we wish to move ourselves, our businesses, and our community forward in a positive productive manner.

Congratulations to Valmont and Mid-Plains.


Dennis Berry,


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