Letter to the Editor

We've dropped an egg on the floor

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dear Editor,

One has to applaud the good will of Staff Sgt. McConnell (Open Forum Aug. 28) toward the Iraqi people, his respect for the Iraqis he personally knows, his pride in his service, and his desire to see America honor its commitments.

These are responses most of us would have. Unfortunately, according to the polls, for most of us these responses don't answer the big questions.

The whole world can see that we've dropped a giant egg on the floor. It doesn't help to just keep dropping more eggs.

Why are we there? President Bush made very clear last week that there is no connection between the attacks of 9/11 and Iraq. Also, it has become obvious that there were no WMDs there in the months prior to our invasion, and that the key players knew there were not.

Yes, Saddam and his sons were brutes; but the levels of violence across that land have only increased since our invasion. Yes, there are terrorists; but our occupation of Iraq has greatly increased terrorist recruiting and the likelihood of more terrorist strikes. Our presence has not precipitated freedom and democracy for Iraq, but chaos and death.

So why are we there? And what's the plan?

And now Iraq is cursed with the horrors of a raging civil war.

This very thing, a bloody civil war, was predicted repeatedly as a likely result if we invaded - and now we are caught in it. It's not easy to intervene effectively in other peoples' civil wars.

I wish we all had honorable feelings toward the Iraqi people like Staff Sgt. McConnell has.

If we loved our neighbors over there as much as we love ourselves -- which is the very high standard of the Christian faith -- we would feel the frustration and terror of those living amid such instability and violence. We are responsible to ask, for their sakes as well as our own, "WHY?!" and "What is the PLAN?!"

Still we hear only the old mis-leadings -- stay the course, we're bringing freedom and democracy, "Mission Accomplished," 9/11 and al Qaeda, they had WMDs, Saddam's evil sons, threats from terrorists, good people over there.

None of those arguments really answer the questions -- why are we there? What is the plan?

Larry Harvey,


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