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Illegal lobbying

Friday, July 28, 2006

Dear Editor,

Sir, I just read your article regarding the so-called "justified concerns" of police over the passage of the new Concealed Weapons law. I would like to point out that the concerns of police agencies has no bearing what so ever on the laws of the state of Nebraska. Police officers are PUBLIC SERVANTS. They work for the people of Nebraska.

Their job is to follow and enforce the law ... NOT to offer thier approval or disaproval. The PEOPLE, and ONLY the PEOPLE, should decide what laws are enacted. Giving police agencies the "clout," so to speak, to influence legislation is to creat a POLICE STATE. 

As you may be aware, in most states, lobbying by persons or organizations that are paid with taxpayer funds is illegal. Police agencies ARE under tax payer funding and therefore may not issue an opinion either way ... pro or con. The opinions of individual officers, acting as private citizens, is legal but an opinion, or "position" on legislation, when expressed by a department ... State Police, city police deptartment, etc, is lobbying ... and illegal.

Thank you

Tom Kampert

Surprise, Ariz.

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