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Gun benefits

Friday, July 28, 2006

Dear Editor,

I read your comments concerning the new Nebraska law permitting citizens to be safe and defend themselves using lethal force if necessary, with a bit of amusement.

You cite one sheriff's experience in Ohio as a predictor of your future. However 45 states besides Ohio have a law allowing people to carry a gun. Why not quote some of the thousands of sheriffs and law enforcement officers from all over the country who support every citizens right to be safe and to protect themself? You do not have to go as far as Ohio to find them. You can start with the Milwaukee Police Officers Federation, the Wisconsin Troopers Association, the Minnesota Sheriffs Association, or the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association, just to name a few. These organizations and their officers actively worked in their home states to help enact personal protection laws.

Go visit a neighboring state such as Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri or Wyoming where citizens already carry guns. You will soon learn that your personal phobias about armed citizens are only in your mind.

Everyone understands that disarming the victim does nothing to reduce crime. Law enforcement is not concerned with armed law abiding citizens either. There is a reason no personal protection law has ever been repealed. They work well to make criminals less safe.

If only 20,000 people in Nebraska decide to carry a gun, everyone will benefit.

Gene German

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